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Why localtaxinfo.org?: (Revised 12/18/2001)

Ohio House Bill 477 requires all Municipal Corporation's basic income tax information to be made available through the internet by January 1st, 2002.

Each Municipal Corporation has several options in order to comply with this new law:

1.) Incorporate the information on an existing web site.

2.) In accordance with ORC section 5703.49, the Ohio Department of Taxation is establishing an Internet site which a Municipal Corporation can access to post their tax information. This option will involve a fee that has yet to be established. If you are going to request that ODT posts your information, you must complete a FORMS PUBLISHING REQUEST and all documents must be submitted to the state in portable document format (.pdf) on CD-ROM, diskette or electronically by September 28th, 2001.

3.) Use a third party service to post the required information on the Internet

We have worked hard to be able to offer you an easy and affordable solution to posting your tax information on the internet. We are eager to work with those Municipal Corporations that may already have a site but need revisions made. We are able to assist you in making those revisions, posting the required information, and any other needed revisions to your site.

For those Municipalities that do not have an established web site, we have developed www.localtaxinfo.org. This service will allow you to have your own web page, placed on www.localtaxinfo.org, where you can post the required tax related information. This site is fully compliant with state requirements outlined in House Bill 477.

How do we get our information onto localtaxinfo.org?:

Step 1:
Determine what information you wish to post on the Internet You may need to consult your legal counsel for an opinion. Once you have determined which information you wish to post, we must take that information and convert it into a format that can be used on the web. If you have your information already in a Adobe® Acrobat® Reader format (.pdf) file, a Microsoft Word document (.doc file) or simply a text file (.txt) then you can proceed to Step 2! If not, you can simply send us your documents and we will take the necessary steps to convert the information into a suitable format.

Step 2:

We will post your information on your localtaxinfo.org web page. Visitors to your site can view information in any format(s) you choose: Adobe Acrobat; Microsoft Word or HTML. You do not have to worry about finding a "hosting service" for your web page. Your site will be listed on localtaxinfo.org under a sub-directory such as:

http://www.localtaxinfo.org/anytown (Click to see a sample site)
Sample Site 2 (green)
Sample Site 3 (maroon)


The localtaxinfo.org sites are designed to be direct and to the point and provide visitors with an efficient way to view and/or download tax information as well as providing them with contact information in the event they have questions. You may also elect to have a Comment / Question Submission Form on your site. Upon notifying ODT, they will link to your site from the Department of Taxation Web Site. There are several different "template sites" that are available which provide varied colors.

Features on your localtaxinfo.org Web Page:

We will provide you with your own localtaxinfo.org email address. Your email can be checked using your favorite email client application (i.e. Outlook; Eudora etc.) or by a web browser.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to your web page so that you can upload information to your web page.


One-Time Setup Fee: $25.00
Annual Hosting Fee: $75.00

Does not include additional fees for document conversion if needed. Please see below.

Document Conversion :

If you do not have your tax information already converted to electronic format, we are able to assist you! Document conversion is based on a per-hour basis. Simply provide us with your documents and/or forms and we will do the rest!

Contact us for more information or a price quote!:
Comments or Questions:

Feel free to contact our Internet Project Manager, Scott Frank
for more information at (800) 373-2851

The information so contained is subject to change and will be updated as necessary.
For those who wish specific information, please contact the Village of Anywhere.
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