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Tax Administrator
Village of Cygnet, Ohio

Tax Information and Regulations: (.pdf files)

 General Tax Information
Tax Information for Employers
 Ordinance 12-2-78

Tax Forms: (.pdf files)

2011 Forms
2011 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2012 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2012 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2012 Withholding Reconciliation

2010 Forms
2010 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2011 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2011 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2011 Withholding Reconciliation

2009 Forms
2009 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2010 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2010 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2010 Withholding Reconciliation

2008 Forms
2008 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2009 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2009 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2009 Withholding Reconciliation

2007 Forms
2007 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2008 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2008 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2008 Withholding Reconciliation

2006 Forms
2006 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2007 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2007 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2007 Withholding Reconciliation

2005 Forms
2005 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2006 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2006 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2006 Withholding Reconciliation

2004 Forms
2004 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2005 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2005 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2005 Withholding Reconciliation

2003 Forms
2003 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2004 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

2004 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2004 Withholding Reconciliation

2002 Forms
2002 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
2003 Quarterly Estimated Tax Form
2003 Employer Quarterly Withholding Returns
2003 Withholding Reconciliation

2001 Forms
2001 Tax Form R -Income Tax Return
Quarterly Payments of Estimated Tax Form
Employer's Quarterly Return of Tax Withheld
Employers Annual Reconciliation of Tax Withheld Form

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